Dream again!

I’ve always had a very active imagination. I’m sure my mum could tell you stories about my imagination from when I was a child, but even as a grown up my house mate could tell you some better ones about some of the absolutely absurd things I say, or the kind of dreams that vividly interrupt my sleep. But there is something that I find so captivating about our ability to create and dream brand new things into being, to use that wild thing called imagination that as kids comes so naturally but sometimes tends to become harder work as we grow up. But sitting here on a very packed flight, in transit to Bangkok, to see what has been a dream of a number of people, become real, I am overwhelmed with rush, the exhileration, the awe and the excitement that something your imagination concocted becoming real brings.

See, the thing is when I touch down in Bangkok tonight I am being greeted by 12 other young people. These young people have come from Australia, New Zealand and Thailand and have made an incredible decision to go on the adventure of a lifetime. They have spent the majority of this year fundraising for a charity very close to my heart, Hands Across the Water. And now come Monday, we are jumping on bikes and cycling 500kms in 5 days to change the lives of hundreds of kids in Thailand who aren’t fortunate enough to have family that can look after them. Amazing right?! My eyes literally light up when I talk about this, because there is something incredibly infectious about how in awe I am of each and every one of them and this choice that they’ve made. For 8 of them, they’ve given up the opportunity to celebrate finishing school with their friends, partying and having fun somewhere, to come and do something incredibly profound, and not just for themselves! I want to be like them when I grow up.

But where do I fit in? Sure, I’ve made the choice to come and do this ride too. But for me this ride isn’t celebrating finishing school, although I am claiming this 100% as a “toolies” trip for recently graduating uni! This ride is about fostering an experience, pioneering an opportunity for young people to be given the most beautiful lessons, the perspective that not only is the world big, but they have a part in it that is important. And it’s this kind of experience that has been dreamed about by the Young Hands team for years. It’s this kind of adventure that has had sleep lost over it, that has had energy and excitement and passion invested into it, and also disappointment shed over it. But yet here we are on our way to actually doing it and seeing a dream, no longer just be a dream. I could squeal, I could dance, I could sing, I could cry! And in fact over the next week I probably will do all of those things!

I’m going to sign off before I bore you all to tears, because as a few of you have found out in recent history I could literally continue talking about this for a very long time without coming up for air. But friend I want you to take heart, I want you to feel the excitement emanating from my incredible Young Hands team over here on our way to Bangkok. We all have dreams, and I’m not just talking about pie in the sky stuff, whether it be to work in a certain career, or own a house by the beach, start our own business, live overseas, write a book, learn how to play an instrument or learn a new language, our imagination serves us all well, and I want to remind you that even when it’s hard, the reward of seeing that thing be real is always worth it.

I read a quote that said something along the lines of “you know you are in love when you don’t mind waking up because life is just as good as it is in your dreams” or something lovely like that. But you know what, I don’t think that is reserved for just falling in love. I think that quote stands for anytime a dream makes it out of our head and into the real world. And how cool is it, that we can look forward to moments in life that are going to feel so good it will feel like we’re dreaming?!

Stay tuned for updates on all our fun this week whilst on the Young Hands Schoolies Ride, I am sure I will have a lot of stories for you! And big love to all reading who have in some way contributed to this whether by donating, supporting, recruiting, administrating, anything! You are right here with us.


Much love,


Cherry. X


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