Yesterday marked the end of the Future of Leadership conference series for 2016. I found myself sharing a stage with some of the most incredible leaders in the country and probably even the world at conferences in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and the opportunity continues to astound me.  

See the great story behind this, is that this opportunity didn't come by because of chance or luck, it came about because I asked a simple question of some friends who I had watched do this kind of thing for years - "can I have a go?" And for this particular instance the answer was yes!  

How much more would we find ourselves having a go at, if we were to ask that question more? Not just of our managers or work colleagues or our network, but even of ourselves? What if we gave ourselves permission to ask that question more often and see what happened?

Sure, there's always the possibility of a no, but wouldn't it feel better to know we'd done ourselves the justice of at least asking to try something out that we've maybe never done before, or always dreamed of doing? 

For some, this might sound a bit airy fairy, a bit vague and philosophical, but for some of you even now as you're reading there's something on your heart that you're already thinking about. Something that you've never asked yourself "can I have a go?" and actually given yourself a yes, or something you've been watching someone else do really well, and wished you could just have a go!

The experience of speaking at Future of Leadership taught me so many things, about myself, about leadership and about just a handful of the incredible people in my network. But more than anything else, I learnt the power of possibility, and how simply asking a question can sometimes result in the most incredible things.

Go do that thing you, go ask that question. You have the whole world cheering you on. 


Rhiannon TuntevskiComment