Breaking Point

As with so many of these blogs and things, our intentions were ever so clear. I was going to sti down each night and give you just a snippet of what the day entailed. But then, as a Hands ride would have it, our days got fuller and our nights got seemingly shorter and our connection to wi-fi lessened. But here we are, sitting on the morning of our last day of riding, savouring the quiet, preparing for the day ahead and it’s like I almost don’t know how to put the last two days into words.

It’s been tough. We’ve all been tested, and challenged and pushed to our absolute limits but you know what, we’re here and we’re all sad that this is coming to an end! I could talk about the longest and hardest day on the ride this week, which was arguably day 3. 120-something kms on the bike, endless rolling hills, indiscriminantly bi-polar weather, thunder storms, monsoonal rain and then relentless sun. I could talk about some of the best times we’ve had on the bike, conquering an epic hill or two to arrive at the top of the kings dam, riding into Khao Sok national park, with literally breathtaking mountains surrounding. I could talk about the overwhelmingly beautiful moments in which those faster or more capable riders have hung back to keep up with those finding each hill a struggle (which admittedly was me one or two legs!). I could talk about the pure joy each night, when everyone goes around sharing their high-lows, highest moment of the day and the lowest moment of the day, when one of the most common phrases is “I don’t really think I had a low today” or “my low moment was seeing one of my fellow riders finding it tough”. I could talk about the pride the team and I are filled with in hearing some of these guys say that this was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made, and how many of them talk about having gotten more out of this week than they ever could have imagined. I could talk about the ridiculous moments where we’re all laughing for reasons we can’t even remember anymore. I could talk about the moments where there’s a few tears (me included) and there’s always a hand there to remind you that nobody is alone. And I could definitely tell you in detail about the moments we all found our breaking points on this trip. 

I could talk about all of these things, and they have all contributed to what this week has been. But overwhelmingly this ride seems to have fit the exact bill it was designed to. Reminding each and every one of us that we are so capable. That our decisions have the ability to positively impact our world. That our attitude determines our outcome. That being selfless is one of the best gifts we could ever sow.

As I said, it’s a bittersweet morning here, preparing to ride out. We are all so excited to see those kids who make every single moment of a sore bum worth it, but we all wonder what life will look like back home. How can life possibly look the same after this incredible week? And that my friends is what has made every moment worth it.

So again our sincerest apologies we’ve been absent for a few days, we hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive us. We’ve just been having far too much fun. But we promise to fill you in tomorrow on just what today looked like.

All our love,

Cherry and the YH crew.