Through the rain, the storm, the sunshine and the sore bum.

We walked into the temple, this beautiful big ornately carved wooden building, and the sense of peace and serenity was tangible in the air. It was almost like you could walk in and take a breath deeper than you could outside. But the funny thing was that outside was a tropical storm brewing. The sky was grey and angry, raining on and off, lightning was flashing behind the mountains and there was a wind that we were riding straight into that was horrendous. But despite all this, inside the temple we stood as a team, reminded that regardless of how hard it got, we were here together and could weather any of it.

You see today was a long day on the bike, 112kms and I genuinely felt every single one of those kms! We had some hills thrown in towards the end of the day, and a very steep yet short climb to get to one of the most beautiful temples and lookouts I've ever seen. This trip could also be known as the bicycle temple tour, because we seriously stop at so many beautiful temples! Each one different and brilliant in it's own way, but each one that holds its own sense of calm, it's beautiful! We rode in the rain, and then of course after lunch the sun came out as we had all been wishing, but it was, as the thai sun can be, hot and nasty. Rolling into our hotel for the evening at around 4:30pm our faces were tired, yet again showing that same sense of accomplishment. We'd cracked our first day over 100kms and the team and I are, as we have been for months, so proud and blown away by the determination of these young guys! 

With another great night of laughing and reflecting, and a brilliant secret santa challenge that saw some of the most creative gifts I've ever seen we are all falling into bed exhausted, and ready to tackle another even bigger day tomorrow.

And as I reflect on today, the thing that stood out most to me was again the sense of family and comraderie amongst the team. Even when it was raining, sunny, hot, humid and windy, sometimes all at once, they pulled together and reminded even me that all that was important here, was that we were doing something incredible and that we just had to finish.

And with that, time for us to call it a night, we have 124kms ahead of us tomorrow and some huge hills to tackle!

With love from Thailand,

Cherry and the YH team x

Rhiannon TuntevskiComment