Wait, I actually can?

It was around 1:35pm, the sun was high and hot in the sky and here we were, the 13 of us standing around in disbelief that we had just finished our first day on the bikes. 88kms down, 512kms to go. The 12 little legends here with us on the first Young Hands Schoolies Ride, had actually done their first day on the bike, and realised, hold on a minute, I actually can do this

We sat around the dinner table reflecting tonight on the day that had been, to give you a good insight most of us have sore ribs from laughing so much all day. And that's probably one of my favourite things of this incredible group of world changers. But the thing that really struck me, and the thing that I am going to remember for ever, is hearing them talk about the sense of accomplishment they were feeling at having actually conquered their first day on the bike. There were tough points, of course. The sun beat down angrily on our shoulders in that last 18kms, hot and nasty in the sky, legs got tired (to be expected when riding an average of 100kms a day), bottoms got sore, faces got sunburnt (sorry mum) but all of that was forgotten when the triumph of finishing for the day was felt. Kind of sounds similar to the sense of achievement I was talking about yesterday right?!

The afternoon was savoured and the opportunity to relax and refresh taken advantage of, and as we sat around the dinner table tonight, yes laughing, and reflecting, I was 100% overwhelmed with pride. We all learnt a valuable lesson today. Even when it's hard and I don't think I can keep going, wait, I actually can? 

Each and every one of our riders has an incredible story, and I hope I get the opportunity to share some of them with you in the coming days! This adventure is shaping up to be exactly what it was dreamed of being, a reminder and a message that hey, the world needs you young one and you are capable of doing everything in a manner that positively impacts the world around you. 

So with all that said and done, we will of course put a few photos up in the coming days, and more importantly it's not too late to donate! We are all heading to bed with very heavy eyes, but ready for another day on the bike. 88.5kms down and feeling strong. 

With love,

Cherry and the YH team.