Debbie Downer and co.

This morning I woke early (well early for a Saturday) and thought I would kill some time by reading, but instead felt compelled to write. Which was a lovely feeling given that for the past 2-3 months I have felt very uninspired with what to tell you all. But what I found most funny, was that the story I felt inspired to tell this morning, isn't a lovely mushy one about Thailand,  (although chances are that my trip which is in 5 days will come up at some stage in the piece), it isn't an inspiring piece on how to land that dream job, or wow employers with your resume. In fact today's story is a simple, real story about change, and how for me, two months of incredible change lead to an afternoon with a lady named Debbie, and two new friends.

This began in November, when no doubt many of you, my thousands of readers, would have heard that I landed a new job! Don't worry, for those of you who are shocked, this came as a surprise for me as well! But I found myself within the space of three weeks handing in my resignation at Compassion, moving back into the family home, and beginning a job with World Vision, an organisation not only 5 times larger than Compassion, but also in a city 5 times larger than Newcastle, Sydney. I took this job quite sincerely on the gut instinct that it felt right, without the logistics and practicalities quite worked out. Scary thought when that all of a sudden means the office is a 2hr drive from home. But as luck and grace would have it, friends of mine needed a cute little apartment in the heart of Sydney house sat, and so my first 6 weeks of work in Sydney were sorted with a place to call my own just a stones throw from work!

They say that starting a new job is one of the most stressful events that people participate in their lifetime, and a good friend of mine had in a sense warned me of this just before I started this job, but in my first two weeks I was mislead into thinking that I had escaped the stress of this particular event. Things were going well, I was beginning to build some relationship with some colleagues around the office, I had started to organise and get a hold on the areas that fall within my responsibility, and I had scored 2 4-day weekends over the christmas break, sweet! But it turns out the new year had a whole new set of challenges for me, which all culminated with the arrival of Debbie Downer yesterday afternoon, whilst sitting in the level 2 store room at work.

Now to explain Debbie Downer, I can't take credit for this particular pseudonym, this was the brain child of a new friend and colleague, who for the sake of remaining nameless we shall call Squeakybooys. (2 days in a row he wore boots that really needed oiling to work and he took some delight in showing off how squeaky they were) I sent out a meeting invitation to some colleagues, and at the bottom of the agenda wrote, "let's make this meeting fun, no Sally Serious's allowed" and SB asked if Sally Serious was friends with Debbie Downer, to which I replied "yes, they're BFFLs" - all within earshot had a laugh, and things were jovial within the WV office. *cue office laughter over the top of regular office sounds*

So now you know who DD is - to explain why she made a visit to me on a glorious Friday afternoon in Sydney? Quite simply my lesson was, that sometimes we become responsible for things that we don't always know how to control. Particularly in a new job, all of a sudden I had acquired several tasks and responsibilities that were a little out of my reach, yet. And as I sat in the level 2 store room yesterday looking at the insurmountable task my role plays in managing some of these things, this overwhelming feeling of being responsible but not quite yet in control saw the arrival of DD and co. I didn't really have a coping mechanism that I can give you, so that if and when DD and co visit you, we can all feel equipped to kindly ask them to leave. But what I do want to say is hey, you know what? it's ok if they do. All it takes is some ice-cream, #messinafridays was my choice thanks to two new friends, perhaps a glass of wine, and a really good nights sleep. 

And even as I sit here pouring my heart out to you, relaying my life lessons from yesterday, I'm already realising that hey, it's all ok. Hindsight and perspectives can be cruel mistresses. 

Life can be strange and unexpected, but every day you've lived before this one has made you ready for this exact day, what a cool feeling! And on that note I am ready to head out and enjoy this glorious, glorious weekend! 

Inspired Tuntevski over and out.

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