A Table for One, Please.


Recently I have had a whole lot of friends get married. And by a whole lot, I mean like 10 couples in the space of around 12 months. Yes, that does equal a lot of dresses, a lot of presents, a lot of bridal showers and hens parties, and a lot of RSVP's send back with "no plus one" specified.

Living in a house of 5 single girls, being a single lady is a hot topic. The illustrious search for "Mr Right" seems to be something that has so many girls consumed. And I need to voice my thoughts. At so many of the weddings I have been to, I have been given the sympathy look, the "I can't believe you're single" and the "you'll find someone soon, don't worry" countless times over. And often I have thought to myself, "yes, neither can I, I'm fabulous" but more importantly "well, does it really matter if I don't find that person soon, and why would you assume I am worried?"

So much of what we see, watch and hear paints these pictures that life will magically get better, or become purposeful or meaningful when you find that special someone. And whilst I agree to an extent, and can speak from the experience of watching my beautiful friends fall in love and get married, for me, where I get worried about this projection is that love doesn't become something that girls want to add value to their life, it becomes something that girls rely on to give value to their life. And when our lives become reliant on someone else to give us value, we fall into the dangerous trap of relying on someone else, who has just as many faults as us. And if you don't have that person yet, life becomes all about the pursuit or the search, and there's too much cool stuff to do in the world to be caught up in searching!

In fact, here are 5 things that are more useful of your time than looking or wishing or whinging for a boyfriend.

1) Watch the entire Friends series.

2) Take a class, any class. Learn a language, learn how to salsa dance.

3) Travel, to wherever you want, for as long as you want, with whoever you want.

4) Arrange and then re-arrange your bedroom furniture. And then re-arrange again.

5) Have dinner with your family.

All of these things, and the bajillion others that fall into this category, do so much more for you, than letting the lack of a better half stop you from doing anything.

YOU are too valuable to let life walk on by and you're also far too valuable to not be getting the most out of life. And if you can't get the most out of life now, how do you expect to when you have a boy around!

And for those of you who think this is a bitter single girls rant? The only thing I'm bitter about, is people feeling sorry for me for being single.


Single girls. Love your life. End rant.