6 months ago my family and I were packing our bags for the adventure of a lifetime. We were getting our helmets and padded pants ready for an 8 day, 800km trek through Southern Thailand. Having raised $44,500 for boutique Australian charity Hands Across the Water, the ride was almost like the reward for a year of relentless fundraising, raffle tickets and events.

To say it was a lifechanging adventure, was truly an understatement. To spend 8 days on bikes with people who started out strangers, but became close friends, to coach each other through the low points and to encourage and fly through the highs, and at the end of it all to be greeted by a community of kids who were so incredibly grateful for us and the journey we had taken (which felt backwards in itself mind you) was something that is imprinted forever on the hearts of our family! Not surprisingly mum and dad are taking on the adventure all again in January of next year, and you can read all about our journey and help us out at !

For me, I was lucky to get to experience such an experience so young, and what a privilege for my brother, who is even younger! But I think one of the things I love about our adventure, was seeing the enthusiasm with which my mum and dad carried the entire thing. 3 years ago when I first spent time with the kids at the Hands home, I could never have imagined that as a family, this would become our "thing" and to see my mum and dad's lives changed in the same way mine was is something I could never be grateful enough for.

But I didn't just feel like writing this today to a) encourage you to support us again in reaching our $20,000 fundraising goal and b) waffle on about how great Hands Across the Water and the Big Ride is. I wanted to ask the question, is it time for an adventure?

Sometimes life can go a million miles an hour, and we get to the point where, similar to riding a bike, where the wheels are still turning, but we're not particularly trying very hard to beat any PB's. And rather than get off the bike, we just need a change of scenery or to try a new route. I think my Dad could vouch that that experience almost gave him a new lease on life (for want of a better word) and definitely opened all of our eyes to the good in doing some good!

I wouldn't trade our experience in for the world - so is it time for you to go on an adventure and create a new experience?