I was in the car with my Dad on Saturday night, when we got into a great discussion. For those that know me and my Dad, you'll know, and not be surprised, that often we get into great big discussions about stuff. The stuff we talk about ranges from where I'm heading in life, how we'd run our country differently, our next fundraising venture, young people (of which my last blog post added fuel to the fire of that discussion), local politics, international development, problem-solving and a whole variety of different things in between. And it's these discussions that are one of the things I love most about my time with Dad.

Given my last blog post, young people and the workforce became the topic of discussion on Saturday night and I challenged my Dad on the way he was thinking following him making the statement "well, your passion and your career are two separate things". I launched into reciting my past post for him, explaining, well Dad, you're never going to get anything good out of young people if you don't stop thinking like that, and wind their passion into their work, don't write us off, blahblahblah (which I'm sure is all Dad heard). But in amidst all of my campaigning he said something quite profound, "We've created you, we've told you that you can do anything, to roll up your sleeves and work hard, we've given you the mindset you can achieve all you want" and he was dead right. Because of the people we are around, especially those that have raised and nurture us, we become who we are.

It's not news that we become like the people we surround ourselves with, but sometimes we need a reminder to make sure we actually are surrounding ourselves with the people we want to chameleon. Now of course I don't mean for you to go and do a friend cull, and only make friends with people who you want to be like, but sometimes we need to branch out and shake hands with some new people, or even come to the realisation that some of the people we have around us are no longer building us up. (I'm not saying that those people are bad people, or we need to cut them off and never speak again, but be content with the fact that sometimes people outgrow each other, and if a friendship is weary, sometimes the best thing to do can be to let it go)

There's also a point too to intentionally choosing your mentors and your personal board of directors, these are the people that have influence in your world. These need to be the people that look, walk, talk, achieve and work the way you want to!

I love my Dad, and the wisdom he speaks with (most of the time!) lucky he's on my board of directors!