CEO Training Day #1

I want you to close your eyes. Imagine you’re sitting in a room, the scent of Chanel and Marc Jacobs perfume mixed thick in the air. The hum of busy voices, charming and confident, holding polite conversation. The swish of business cards being passed around tables and the metaphorical roar of a room full of executive and bold women being empowered and inspired by other executive successful and bold women.

And then me, and my boss, sitting up the front, at our VIP table with our VIP guest tickets, taking it all in. We’re not quite executives, just yet, nor CEO’s, just yet, but we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to come and it certainly wasn’t an opportunity wasted! The opportunity we had was to attend the Women’s Leadership Symposium, facilitated by Women’s Leadership Australia. An incredible event to inspire and empower women in leadership in the Australian marketplace!

We heard several great addresses from people like Raelene Castle, CEO of Canterbury Bulldogs, whose fabulous advice when something along the lines of “have a crack, you can’t be appointed a senior leadership role if you don’t apply” actually, honestly out of all the speakers we heard today, she was probably my favourite. A real genuine woman, who really has found her feet as a successful woman in a mans industry. Tracy Spicer, MD of Spicer Communications inspired us to fight for our claim of the sandpit, MasterChef personality Julie Goodwin gave her story of turning obstacles into opportunities. There was workshopping and networking opportunities, panel discussions (mostly around the career/life/children balance, a lot of which went over my head but hey, lessons for the future) and a most brilliant insight from Lt. General David Morrison, Chief of Army, an incredible opportunity to hear how he is changing the culture of Australian women in the army.

I exchanged business cards, shook many hands, explained Compassion and how we work to a whole bunch of new connections and overall felt inspired, that the vision that I have to one day wear that CEO or executive hat, is actually something that I am passionate and excited about! I’m going to bed tonight feeling inspired, and a little more equipped, and incredibly lucky that I, as a young person on their journey up the ladder have opportunities like this!

So, only one more day and I will be ready to get that CEO role anywhere!

Until then.