oh, to fall in love

Alright kids, time to get up close and personal.

For those of you who know me, you would know that I share my heart between a few different homes. I share it, not just with anyone, but with some kids who need the love inside of it more than even I do.


4yrs ago this January I spent a month in an orphanage in Thailand, volunteering and inevitably falling in love with all of the kids, staff, and the country itself. After years of going back to visit, and getting my whole family involved with Hands Across the Water (the supporting Australian charity) this past week presented an opportunity that was almost too good to be true. We had the honour of hosting 6 of the kids and 3 of the staff from one of the Hands homes on a portion of a visit to Aus. To have them in our home was ridiculously exciting. Even though we hadn't met these particular kids, we already felt like we were welcoming home family. 

Now I just need to take a minute to brag on my family. My mum and dad are two of the most beautiful, funny, generous and charismatic people you will ever, ever come across. I am so proud of them, always. And my brother? He's a good guy. Typical 17yr old, but with a heart of gold. Since becoming involved with Hands they have devoted so much time and effort to fundraising for, visiting and loving the kids that Hands supports, they have made this a part of our family legacy. And what a beautiful thing to have to pass on to my kids one day.

us on the 2014 hands "Big Ride" in Thailand

us on the 2014 hands "Big Ride" in Thailand

So when the opportunity was posed to them to have some of the kids in our home, the answer was without hesitation. And while I could go into detail about the exact activities and itinerary our little posse had over the 5 days we had with them, I want to reflect on some of the bigger things that stood out to me from this visit.

You see, today as we were saying goodbye, my heart felt heavy. At some times so heavy that it hurt a little. And I was a little perplexed, as I sat there with Faem, one of the cheekiest, most gorgeous 7yr olds on the planet, drawing love hearts on my hand and  reaching  up to kiss the tears away as they rolled down my face, I tried to justify this crazy thing that was happening. After all I have only known this little boy for 5 days. But I simply couldn't rationalize how I could unconditionally love this little work of art after such a short time. And I realised that I had fallen in love.


Faem, my cheeky monkey


One of my favourite quotes says that true love is when your own happiness is dependent on the happiness of those you love, and I think we spend far too often wondering how we can satisfy ourselves in this world. The kids we had in our home this week made me so happy, but the most happy when I knew that they were happy. 

Love is one of these funny things that everyone has, but really we dont have love in our hearts for our own purpose. Who needs the love that you have to give?

So as I fall asleep tonight, without those little hands in mine, without being woken up by having a little person snuggle into the small of my back, or try and cuddle me so tight that they fall asleep snoring in my ear, I know where my thoughts are. They are with my loves, all of my little loves. That all own a special little piece of my heart that was designed  just for them.



Oh to fall in love, it is but the greatest joy in the world. 


To find out more about Hands Across the Water visit www.handsacrossthewater.org.au


Fueng, my bed buddy.

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